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Minimalism: Where to start

My want, need, to be minimal came about through constant cleaning, anxiety, and wanting to spend more time doing things I enjoyed rather spending it cleaning all the time. Cleaning is literally all I do most days. I have an active 19 month old and a 8 month old. They really keep me busy. So I decided to look into minimalism and try to minimize our belongings in hopes of it cutting down my cleaning time.

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Becoming Series: Disappointment + Moving Forward

Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn leaving you to wonder why. Sometimes the pain is from the disappointment in things not going the way you had planned. Living in that moment it may seem like a road block has completely kept you from your goal. The thing is, everything has a reason. Look closer with me and see how disappointment can be the very thing you need.

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Zero Waste: Shopping

My ventures in starting my Zero Waste journey has begotten a lot of research. The main thing I needed to know was what would shopping look like for me? Here in Dallas where I live it isn't hard to find a store but finding a store that has lots of bulk options, sourcing local meats, and finding times to go to farmers markets is something I have had to take care in.

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