Minimalism: Where to start

Photo by  Spencer _  on  Unsplash

Photo by Spencer _ on Unsplash

When I was started my journey to minimalism [currently still adjusting] I was curious as to where to start. I wanted to know if there was some sort of step by step guide. While I didn’t find a definite guide, I did find some good challenges [here]. These were about a month long and worked on your entire space. What I found though is minimalism is different for everyone and it starts from within.

My want, need, to be minimal came about through constant cleaning, anxiety, and wanting to spend more time doing things I enjoyed rather spending it cleaning all the time. Cleaning is literally all I do most days. I have an active 19 month old and a 8 month old. They really keep me busy. So I decided to look into minimalism and try to minimize our belongings in hopes of it cutting down my cleaning time.

Here are some tips to get started on your journey to minimalism.

  1. Get rid of unused items. We all have those items we have sitting around that we haven’t used and probably won’t ever touch. Do yourself a favor and get rid of it.

  2. Donate clothes. We all have clothes that we don’t wear anymore or haven’t worn in years. It’s time to let go. Go through your closet and drawers and donate items you haven’t used from 6 months to a year. It makes a difference.

  3. Don’t buy it. Don’t spend money on things that are going to take up space. Really make sure if you purchase an item it has a purpose beyond one use.

  4. Junk drawer. We all have one and if you don’t then I am proud of you. Get rid of the junk in your junk drawer. If you needed it would be there.

  5. Organize toiletries. Go through your toiletries and get rid of the pretty much done deodorant tub, the nothing left toothpaste, and the shampoo you tried but didn’t like. Don’t give them a home anymore.

  6. Toss the shoes you don’t use. If you haven’t used them in 6 month to a year or they are falling apart, donate them. Keep the ones you love and use.

  7. Clear out the panty. Get in the pantry and get rid of all the things that are expired or things you know you don’t use or need.

The overall goal of minimalism for me isn’t to just get rid of everything in hopes of having a magazine cover worthy house. It is to get rid of the space takes and reclaim my time and sanity. It’s more so about keeping the items you love and getting rid of the things you can really do without. What are some items you know you can get rid of right now? Let me know in the comments.