Becoming Series: Disappointment + Moving Forward

Disappointment + Moving Forward

Times like this I feel my lowest. I question my ability to do more. When you have a plan that doesn't work out , it becomes difficult to keep going. Not because you don't want to but the road in which you carefully carved out is not blocked. Forcing you to stop and take a step back. A moment that, you weren't ready for, but needed. That is what I am experiencing in this season. 

I have had my share of disappointments but I had to learn things along the way. I wasn't able to go to school the way I wanted or even get the job but out of that came a new opportunity and passion that wasn't even recognizable before my reluctant break. I had to understand that even in the midst of my disappointment and sadness, I had everything to be grateful for. The privilege of being a stay at home mom. The time and freedom to create at whim. Things I was taking for granted until God stepped in and showed me what it was I needed to be doing. 

As I write this, I am still going through my season of and learning the things I need to. I am still finding my way and creating a new path. One that I know is right for me. My disappointment came when I was least expecting it but God showed me what I needed to keep moving forward. Even when it gets hard, I have learned to lean of Him.  

Don't be discouraged by the disappointment, friend. Be encouraged by the new opportunities awaiting you. When one door closes another one opens. I promise this season doesn't last always but remember to learn from it. 

What has your disappointments taught you? Comment below and let me know.