I Quit Social Media For 30 Days

October was an important month for me so deciding to take a break from social media was kinda a huge deal. With my birthday, marriage, and Halloween taking place there was so much that could have been shared that simply wasn’t. I took those 30 days because I needed to detox from the toxic social environment. Don’t get me wrong, social media is a great tool, if used correctly. For someone with anxiety and depression it was easily the biggest distraction from actually dealing with my underlying problems. Here are a few takeaways from doing a social media detox.

  1. You aren’t missing anything. One thing about being on social media is that you are always connected and in the know. The thing is being in the know about everything going on in the world can easily become a distraction. When I left social media I wondered about what was going on but when I finally logged in at the end of those thirty days I realized I hadn’t missed anything.

  2. You lose muscle memory. Picking up my phone and going straight to an app like Instagram was second nature. It had become so second nature there would be times I would click on the app when the whole purpose of me picking up my phone was to make a call or check my email. There would be times I would catch myself opening the app and instantly forget why I was on my phone or literally just closing the app and going right back to it. After about a week, that muscle memory was gone. When I went to open the app and the app wasn’t there I just giggled and locked my phone.

  3. My productivity improved. When I stopped using social media I became more productive and creative. I even started journaling. Since I wasn’t spending hours a day on my phone I spent it doing other things like writing, journaling, and drawing. I even researched more. It worked out for me because instead of feeling a need to be entertained, I was creating and entertaining myself at the same time.

  4. My anxiety decreased. My anxiety was what originally sent me down the no social media road. It was so hard for me to look at things going on in the world and not feel anxious. Once I stopped absorbing so much media I felt a weight lift off me and I finally felt a little clear than I had before. My mind was cluttered and my attention wasn’t taken up with irrelevant topics.

  5. I didn’t really care to come back. Once the 30 days was over picking up my phone for any other reason than to make a call or google something seemed, weird. I have gotten to this place where social media isn’t a crutch for me and it felt amazing.

  6. I am refreshed. It goes without saying but going 30 days without social media was hard but it was a challenge that had major benefits. It helped me to refocus, reclaim my time, and become more productive. I would definitely suggest taking a 30 day break from social media to gain clarity.

This challenge is something I will probably do again. With everything too much of a “good” thing can be bad and social media is no exception. Taking a break from being plugged in can do wonders for your mind. Would you do a detox challenge? Comment below and tell me your thoughts.