5 Morning Habits To Set The Pace for Your Day


Morning routines are always in place and really are the pinnacle moments for setting the energy and intention for the day. For some people it is a morning run to help boost energy, a cup of joe to shake off that morning grog, and for others it’s meditation. Here are the top 5 morning habits that can help set the pace for your day.

  1. Pray or Meditate. Prayer or meditation are good ways to get you mind clear and reflect on things. Both can easily help you set the pace for the day to come and doing first thing helps to start out with a positive attitude.

  2. Write down your intentions for the day. Taking time to write down your intentions and goals for the day can help you to prioritize and manage time better. Not to mention it gives you things to accomplish that could be helping you towards the bigger picture.

  3. Recite positive affirmations. I am enough. I am successful. These are things that help to set the mood for the day and it reinforces setting your intentions and prayer/meditation.

  4. Put off checking your phone. Holding off on checking your phone can help you to gain focus and not look to being entertained. When we first wake and the first thing we do is check out phone it can be counterproductive and keep us from setting the right intentions for the day.

  5. Drink a glass of water. Drinking a big glass of water is a great way [and easy way] to kick start your digestive system and rehydrate your mind and body. Your body will thank you for it I promise.

So there you have my 5 morning habits to set the pace for the day. How did I do? Comment below telling us what your morning routine is that helps you set the pace for the day!