Zero Waste: Shopping


My ventures in starting my Zero Waste journey has begotten a lot of research. The main thing I needed to know was what would shopping look like for me? Here in Dallas where I live it isn't hard to find a store but finding a store that has lots of bulk options, sourcing local meats, and finding times to go to farmers markets is something I have had to take care in.


Here are a few places where you can buy in bulk:

  • Central Market

  • Sprouts Farmers Market

  • WinCo Foods

  • Farm to Fork

  • Local Farmers Markets and Co-ops

These are the stores in my area that sell some items in bulk I do know that there are other places like H-E-B in south Texas that sell bulk items.

Bulk shopping allows you to bring your very own containers and fill them and grab fresh produce, bread, and other items without the work of packaging. [There will still be options there for plastic to pack your items in but be sure to bring your own REUSABLE bags.]

If you would like to find what store sells bulk near you, check out the site I used here. I highly recommend this site if you are looking for options and more information regarding Zero Waste.