Why I Choose Minimalism

“Purity and simplicity are the two wings with which man soars above the earth and all temporary nature.” —Thomas Kempis


Welcome! Glad you could make your way back to my blog. Where to start? Ah, Minimalism! So you may be asking, what is minimalism? Minimalism is many things but in my opinion choosing to live in a environment that promotes growth, clarity, and perspective. Minimalism can't be defined as one thing, it is more like a process of first decluttering your environment and then your mind.

I have chosen minimalism as a lifestyle for many reasons. I feel that minimalism is a way that can help you gain control of your life one day at a time. By first thinking of the things you want to get rid of or donate and then finding a way to reuse and repurpose things. I personally don't want to feel a specific attachment to a item that isn't living. I am a materialistic person, I think on some level we all are. But I really want to move away from the worrying of objects and put my energy into my friends, family, and myself. I feel like today we work to obtain an infinite amount of objects and material things that really hold no value in our lives. I am looking to bring myself away from that need to have the newest and greatest or at least soooo much of it.

It is a process and it will take time to learn the best way to shop, live, and understand how and what to get rid of but it will be worth it I think. Some people have found that since the lifestyle change these things have been seen in their life:

  • Eliminate our discontent

  • Reclaim our time

  • Live in the moment

  • Pursue our passions

  • Discover our missions

  • Experience real freedom

  • Create more, consume less

  • Focus on our health

  • Grow as individuals

  • Contribute beyond ourselves

  • Rid ourselves of excess stuff

  • Discover purpose in our lives

These are all things I wish to add into my life which in simple, is why I am choosing to not only eliminate clutter in my home but also my free my mind.

If you are interested in Minimalism I suggest you do your research to see if it is a lifestyle that can benefit you. Check out this website to learn more. http://www.theminimalists.com/minimalism/

As always,