10 Ways to Be Happier and Love Yourself

Photo by  Serrah Galos  on  Unsplash

With the new year right around the corner. I am setting aside some time to reflect on how to optimize and motivate my spirits for the upcoming year! Practicing positivity, self-care, and most importantly self-love! You can never stop self-care and you can honestly never have too much! So here are my 10 tips to love yourself better in the new year!

Happiness is something that people are always reaching for but often have a hard time gaining. I think for one we all tend to look for happiness in the wrong places. Happiness is often looked at as an outside force, a person, an object, or places. While those things can bring you happiness these forms typically only bring temporary happiness. To me, true happiness starts from within and once you take the time to focus on you, you will see clearly the things that will truly make you happy. Loving yourself is an essential step on your journey and need not be taken lightly.

Here are 10 tips to help you focus on loving yourself.

Find what you love about yourself and celebrate it!  All the small things count! Whether it is your unique quirkiness, your crooked smile, or the way you always make a killer cup of coffee, celebrate YOU!

Distance yourself from negative beliefs about yourself.  We all have those things we just wish we could change. We all have a perception of who we think we are. The thing is, those thoughts and ideas about yourself can quickly turn into negative images. You can easily become consumed with not feeling like you are enough or worthy. But that is why you celebrate yourself, flaws and all! No one is you and any inadequacies can always be worked on!

Stop comparing yourself to others. Just STOP! Don't do it! You should never compare yourself to anyone else! The only person you should compare yourself to is the person you were yesterday! Use that to keep striving to that better you and all the insecurities you once saw will become your motivation to a new you!

Celebrate your uniqueness! This goes back to celebrating yourself but in a deeper way. Celebrate the things that set you apart from the world! Those things make you who you are in a way it could never shape anyone else! Celebrate that and never forget to love the parts that the world may deem "unfit". YOU ARE BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE, EMBRACE IT!

Forgive your past self.  The past has a way of rearing it's ugly head sometimes. It's OK to reminisce of the past but make sure you are going through them with the intent of forgiving, learning, and moving on. NEVER allow yourself to become consumed by the past of what-ifs and could haves. Love yourself and know that the past, no matter how bleak, is what allowed you to become the AMAZING person you are today!

Avoid negativity! This is a major part of loving and caring for yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally! Negative energy can be DRAINING and it can have side effects. You can lose sleep, become worried, lose your appetite, and overall become a frantic mess! POSITIVITY is the only way to go! Trust me! Leave all negative energy where it belongs!

Repeat positive affirmations. Quotes, bible scriptures, mantras, and positive words are always good ways to set the mood of your day, outlook, and energy! Find or create some positive affirmations to help you throughout your day!

Accept who you are! People are always going to nitpick and have an opinion about EVERYTHING! The key to sashaying around them with the grace of a ballerina is to accept who you are for what you are and love yourself no matter what! When you are confident in yourself NO ONE can push their opinions on you! GO YOU!

Be yourself UNAPOLOGETICALLY. Truth is honey, you aren't going to be everyone's cup of coffee or tea and that's fine! Just remember to never change who you are and what you believe in for anyone! NO ONE has to validate you and you sure don't need to please anyone but yourself, and hubby to an extent. Be you, regardless of the day and NEVER apologize for being YOURSELF!

TREAT YO SELF! The last but most important thing to remember is pampering and treating yourself to the finer things in life. No one can treat you like you can because no one knows you like you do! Go out to eat at that fancy restaurant you saw, see the movie you have been dying to see, and splurge on that bag or electronic you know you don't need! TREAT YO DAMN SELF! 


All in all love yourself and the life you live! Take each day a time and live without regrets! Loving yourself is about investing time in you in ways no one else can!