Keeping Positive Energy

It's easy to get caught up with the negativity the world is spewing out but it's best not to. When I think of my personal life I think of it as my personal space. It is a space to create, love, and a place to have peace of mind. My thought process was really negative at one point. I found every reason (excuse) possible as to why something wasn't going to work out. I would just complain without even attempting to find a solution.

These days, I practice a more positive attitude. It really is true, what you put out into the universe you receive. When I was always being a negative nancy, things just never seemed to go my way. When I started being more positive, things still didn't go my way, but I was able to deal with them in a better way. 

I learned that dealing with life is simply perspective based and choice driven. You can choose to complain endlessly or you can shut up and change it. Being positive goes a long way. Granted, it isn't always the easiest or most ideal way of dealing with things, but it's a far cry from being negative and bitter. 


Going back to my personal space. I want nothing but positive vibes only. That means surrounding myself with people that are willing to fix the problem, instead of promoting complaining. Keeping a small, drama free, circle. Most importantly, checking my attitude at the door and remaining positive even in the face of adversity. 

Just remember. Positive vibes are the best ones to have. The company of a positive attitude is more important than you may realize. 



Laotia RichmondComment