7 Ways to Choose Happiness

We all know that "THIS IS YOUR YEAR." And with that comes the need to be happy, healthy, and SUCCESSFUL! Being unhappy with your job, life, current situation, stress, and worry all factor in with the BIG picture. Once you conquer these obstacles you will find that everything has a way of simply, falling into place. That is why no matter what, you have to choose to be happy! Here are 7 ways to choose Happiness!

  1. Don’t worry, choose to be happy.  Worrying is a quick way to take the happiness and positivity out of you. There comes a point in our lives when we must realize, we can’t control every outcome, predict, or prevent things from happening. This is the beauty and downside of life but something we must learn to live and cope with. So instead of worrying think of something happy or better yet make a plan so you don't have to worry!

  2. Remember gratitude. Think of all things you have currently that you can be grateful for. This will help you to see the positive and good in your life versus focusing on the negative like, where you want to be, how far you have to go, or how far behind you are. Take a moment each day to find the things that you are truly grateful for and let them make you happy. 

  3. Forgive and let go. As humans we a prone to holding grudges and harboring on the bad things in our life. Whether it is recent or in the far past, holding onto those negative moments only give you negative thoughts and never really allow you to move on and grow from it. So whether it is from a person or group of people, forgive them and let go of whatever it is. This is the hardest thing to do but something we all face at some point in time. I promise you, though, once you forgive and let go of that grudge and negative events or situations, you will feel a lot better. 

  4. Don’t submit to negative thoughts. It’s is easier for some people to constantly think of the negative or “worse possible scenario” as a defense mechanism. The thought process behind this is usually, “If I don’t expect good to happen when it doesn’t I’m already prepared.” The problem with this process is you have already shut out the positive and already accepted the negative. Positive and negative thoughts can’t live together in your head so you have to get rid of one to get the other. Once you let go of those bad thoughts you have room to think positively. 

  5. Money doesn’t equal happiness. As hard working people we get so wrapped up in the material world where everything is bigger and better each year. Success is usually only based off of money, power, and “success” but these things will never equate to happiness. What is the point in gaining all that power, wealth and even fame if you haven’t a soul to share it with or even realize it isn’t what you want. Take time off of work and experience life instead of trying to create wealth. Wealth isn’t always a number it is usually happiness. 

  6. Relationships. These are important to any human. No matter how much we claim that we don’t need anyone the truth is we do. We are social beings and need interaction to help us feel complete. Building quality relationships is very important to be happy. These are people you will share some of your biggest moments in life with and having them may seem elementary in some ways but is really fundamental to overall happiness and enjoyment. I don’t know about you but being alone is really sad and makes you think too much. If you have people to experience life with and share your time with you will learn just how important these people are to you and how they add to your happiness. 

  7. Engage in meaningful activities. Doing things that make you happy is always a good thing. Try to do things that involve you going out and experiencing life. Do things that leave you feeling elated and excited! Not only does it create great memories but promotes positive thinking and adds to your overall happiness!

    These are just the 7 things that have helped me in the past year to help me remain happy and positive no matter my situation! I hope that they can also help you!