5 Reasons You have Clutter


Decluttering your home can be a daunting task if you don't even know why the clutter exists to being with. I have to say that it was sort of an overwhelming task to start but once I figured out the cause of it, life became a little easier. Here are 5 reasons you may have clutter in your home.

1. You are keeping up with the modern day world.

We buy stuff because it’s new, the latest and greatest, and to keep up with the modern advancement of the world. It is no mystery and I too have fallen victim to wanting the latest and greatest things. How can we not? It is always advertised and thrown in your face. Heck, I just got the iPhone 6 just to be outperformed by the new iPhone 6s. The best thing to do is to keep these items you have, stop buying into the gimmicks, and only upgrade when NEEDED.

2. The “just in case” Scenario

Maybe it’s an article of clothing like that pair of jeans you decided to keep just in case they fit. Or maybe those craft supplies you haven’t touched just in case you decided to use them. Or those books and DVDs you haven’t touched in ages but keep just in case. Or all that mail and paperwork you thought you might need but haven’t touched in years. All of these things are common but they aren’t needed. Honestly, in most cases, if you haven’t touched it in the last 3 months and don’t have plans for it in the next month, I’d trash it. No need to hold on to things that aren’t being used.

3. You feel obligated to keep things

Gifts, cards, or little things that may have meant something at one point – you may feel obligated to keep just because it came from someone you cared about or has a significant meaning. This is usually the hardest area of things to get rid of but it is worth it. Keeping a single an item from each person or event and tucking it away in a small box can help. 

4. Memories

 This kinda goes along with number three but can still touch on those things like souvenirs, photos, clothes, toys, letters, and other odds and ends. You may find yourself holding onto them because you feel letting go of that item will get rid of the memory altogether. The easiest thing to do is remember unless it is going to be passed down is let the memory be stored in your mind and heart. don’t let the item go collecting dust. 


5. You feel like you are wasting money

 This happens all too often that you go tot he store and impulse buy something you don’t really need but instead of getting rid of it or selling it. You keep it because you want to try to get some use out of it so it won’t be a waste. The thing is you won’t be able to get the money back. If it isn’t getting used the money is already wasted so why hold on to it at this point?

These are just a few of the things that may be the reasons behind your clutter. If you are anything like me I fall into all of them and have slowly but surely started to eliminate clutter in all five categories. Living a minimalists lifestyle isn’t easy but it is rewarding. It is a great journey to not just getting rid of clutter in your home but it is also a great journey to discovering yourself. 

I hope this helps you to identify the root of your clutter and gets in the right direction to a clutter-free lifestyle.